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Canyon Crest Academy

A Proud Member of the San Dieguito Union High School District
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Absence Reporting
Absence Reporting
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Raven Wellness

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Canyon Crest Academy staff represents some of the most innovative and compassionate human beings in education.  We educate the whole child and support students in their self-awareness and well-being. 
For information about our Parent Workshops and to see past workshop resources, please navigate to the Parent Resources tab on our website.

Raven Wellness Website

Access the Raven Wellness Website for more information about our Homeroom Programming, Wellness Team, and Raven Advisory Board.
Resources and Prevention for Student Wellness and Safety

Resources and Prevention for Student Wellness and Safety

CCA teachers are providing this safety information to their classes during the month of December. The informational slide deck includes personal wellness and coping strategies, protective factors, risk factors and warning signs, avenues for reporting concerns, and various ways to get support.
Raven Graduate Manifesto

Raven Graduate Manifesto

Upon graduating from CCA, Ravens will think, say, and do the following...

I gain more from failing than not trying.
I understand my strengths and my areas for growth.
When I work to my fullest potential, I am GOOD enough, as I am, even if I fail.
I observe others and reach out to them. 
I focus on the process rather than just the results.
Yes (I failed), and…(When I fail I keep trying)
I think I have something to offer in most situations and when I don’t, I can learn from those around me.
I’m okay when it doesn’t work out.
I encourage others to get the help they need it.
I am a flexible thinker.
I ask for help
I know what’s right (for me)
I know my limits and respect myself enough to set boundaries.
I smile readily and am welcoming. 
I act on my ideas.
I help when I’m asked. 
I reflect on my behavior and how I affect others.
I know there is more than one version of a happy and productive life for me.
I listen with empathy and an open mind.
Each day I move steadily toward my dreams and goals, knowing they may change. 
I live out what I believe.
I contribute to the world .
I can support others emotionally, even when it’s messy.
I own and can take responsibility for my actions and recognize I am not perfect. 
I ponder the world as it is and wonder what it could be.
I celebrate my own unique gifts and skills with humility and kindness.
I can be genuinely happy for peers who succeed and give. support to my peers in their successes and in their failures.
I can ask for forgiveness and forgive others.
I know who I am and who I’m not.
I have a voice and I know when and how to use it.
I appreciate the contributions of others as they use their unique gifts and skills.