Campus Policies

CCA has a closed campus to all 9th and 10th grade students. Only 11th and 12th grade students are permitted to leave campus for lunch.
All students must check-out/in at the attendance office when leaving/arriving after school has begun.  Please call the attendance office 24 hours in advance or have your student bring a note before school for an Off-Campus Pass. Please state your child's name, the date, time and reason you want your child released early from school. When you call the day ahead, the pass will be available for your child to pick up from the attendance office before school or at lunch. Please plan ahead. We do not deliver Off-Campus Passes to the student during class time.

The governing board of the SDUHSD, pursuant to Section 44808.5 of the Education Code, has decided to permit juniors and seniors enrolled at Canyon Crest Academy to leave the school grounds during the lunch period. "Section 44808.5 of the Education Code further states: "Neither the school district nor any officer or employee thereof shall be liable for the conduct or safety of any pupil during such time as the pupil has left the school grounds pursuant to this section."

Discipline PolicyTop of Page

CCA's discipline policy exists to maintain a safe and effective learning environment for all students at CCA. All students and parents are required to sign a Discipline Policy Notification Form that is submitted during Readiness Days and certifies that students are familiar with key school rules and are aware of the discipline policy as a whole. Please click here to review the discipline policy in its entirely. 

Academic PolicyTop of Page

Honest behavior is an expectation for all students in the San Dieguito Union High School District. The purpose of this policy is to create and maintain an ethical academic atmosphere.

"Academic honesty" means that all academic work is the legitimate, truthful work of the student. Students submit tests, essays, projects, and homework that are free from fraud or deception. When taking tests or submitting homework, students rely on their own knowledge and preparation, unless otherwise instructed by the teacher. Students credit sources used when the wording, ideas, facts, statistics, or opinions of other persons or books are utilized.

Honest, ethical behavior is an essential component in the learning process. The superintendent is authorized to develop an administrative regulation designed to create and maintain an academic atmosphere of honesty in the San Dieguito Union High School District.