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Regular attendance and class participation are an integral part of our students' learning experience; together, they determine student success. The San Dieguito Union High School District (SDUHSD) is committed to cultivating exemplary attendance habits.

Please visit the SDUHSD District Page for the District Attendance Policy.


Contacting CCA Attendance

  • Email –
  • Voicemail – 858-350-0253
    • Off Campus Requests – x 4046
    • Tardy/All Day Absences – x 4055


Students are considered late if they are not in class when the bell rings. They must stop by the Attendance Office for a Readmit slip before going to class.

Parents may call, leave a voicemail or send in a note with the student to excuse a Tardy. Students who are late due to medical appointments may bring a doctor’s note to excuse any tardy in lieu of a parents note. Tardies must be cleared within 24 hours.

Students arriving more than 30 minutes after class begins without a note, phone call or email constitutes a Truancy. Students who are consistently late to class may be required to attend Saturday School.

Off Campus Passes [Please request 24-48 hours in advance]

Students must pick up the pass before school, during passing period, or during lunch. A parent note may also be brought the morning of the early dismissal if not requested in advance. Students should not leave class to pick up their Off Campus Pass. If you are requesting a last minute pass for the same day, please send an email and ask your student to stop by the Attendance Office. Passes for dismissal during the class already in session will NOT be made, parents will need to come to school to pick up their student.

Please include all of the following information:

  1. Student’s Full Name,
  2. Student Grade,
  3. Date of Early Release,
  4. Time Student needs to be dismissed,
  5. Reason for Early Dismissal (If no reason is provided we mark it as personal), and
  6. will student return to school?


Per SDUHSD Policy - Absences may not be excused after a student has already left campus.
Students who do not feel well must go to the Health office to check out before leaving school. Students leaving for any other reason must have an Off Campus pass requested and picked up before leaving campus. 18 year old students do not need parental permission and may do this in person for themselves.