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CCA’s digital library is still available to students.  It's FREE to check out digital books from SDUHSD and the San Diego County Library.   Here is a list of some new books that were just added to our collection. For example, the Twilight series author, Stephanie Meyers, has added to the series with books telling the story from the Vampires' point of view. These and many others including titles that are Juvenile and YA from the San Diego County Library are available through our SDUHSD library with the Sora app. 
Students can access directions for digital books by going to the page and then clicking on the link for SDUHSD Tech Hub then the Sora app.
The Tech Hub at is the access point for district provided databases, databases at the public libraries and other helpful informational pages  If you don't have a SD County public library card, get one, you can apply on line for a temporary card that will be active for one month.  It will give you access to all their databases and  it will be the best thing you get in 2020 and it's FREE!  The link for the Tech Hub  is also available for help and troubleshooting tips with distance learning programs.
Log in from home, for resources on the Tech Hub site, under the Resource Hub link (to the left of the page) is
LOG IN   cca
Chrome Book troubles?  These tips and more are on the page under the Tech Hub link.
Ms. Glausser is at 858-350-0253 x 4017 and at