Supplies for QUEST

Donate supplies directly to QUEST via Faculty or funds through CCA Parent Foundation (be sure to note that you want your donation to go to QUEST).

A brief list of items neededTop of Page

(rough price for some items listed)

  1. Ice Machine
  2. Spectrophotometer with UV capablities
  3. Micropipette tips (all sizes)
  4. PCR reagents and equipment or kit (to include DNA extraction if possible also)
  5. BBQ Lighters
  6. Lab tape
  7. Ear candles/cones
  8. Lab notebooks
  9. Guest lecture/in class lab help
  10. Plastic Transfer pipettes
  11. Wescodyne Disinfectant
  12. Gloves (medium and large, latex free prefered)
  13. Petri dishes (full, semi, quad, all sizes)
  14. Repair/Service for equipment
  15. Dish soap
  16. DNA ladder for gel elctrophoresis
  17. Tris-EDTA Buffer
  18. Tri-fold poster boards
  19. Beakers 100ml - 600ml

Want to donate something not on the list?Top of Page

Contact the QUEST faculty