How do I get involved with QUEST Research at CCA?Top of Page

  • See your counselor and sign-up for a Quest Research course! 
  • Check out the course descriptions

Where is Research Methods on the course selection sheet?Top of Page

Research Methods counts toward practical art credit for graduation.  The course is listed under practical arts.

Can I take Applied Science before Research Methods?Top of Page

Research Methods help students gain skills to conduct original and independent research, student complete a research proposal as a culminating event in this course.  Applied Science jumps right into starting conducting original and independent research, students are expects to have a Research Proposal before beginning the course.  Please talk with your science teacher to determine what placement would be best for you.

How can I get involved with QUEST at CCA? Top of Page

  • We welcome guest presenters
  • Donate supplies or funds through CCA Parent Foundation (be sure to note that you want your donation to go to QUEST)
  • Work as a mentor with a QUEST student
  • Provide internships (volunteer or paid positions during the school year and/or summer) for our QUEST students
  • Contact the QUEST faculty to get involved