Summer Programs

Looking for something to do in the summer?  Summer opportunities can be found in the College & Career Center and are often listed in the Counseling Weekly Newsletter.  If a summer program helps you to learn, become more clear about what you hope to do in the future, or gives you valuable personal experience, you will have done it for the right reason!  If you decide to add the program to your college applications as an "extracurricular activity," remember that the spaces are limited and colleges expect the activities to represent those that are most important to you.   As an example, read Stanford's "Summer Session" statement:

"Would attending Stanford’s Summer Session before the senior year improve one’s chances for freshman admission?  Not in terms of signifying added interest in Stanford.  But what taking enrichment and advanced courses might do, wherever they are taken, is indicate to us your enthusiasm for a subject area, or your excitement about discovery. The fact that you are taking summer or enrichment programs is not in and of itself the value-add to your application; it is what you take from that experience, how you share that experience with us through your essays, and how that experience has enhanced your intellectual life that is of importance."