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Traditionally students apply to organizations like NHS and CSF because they believe that membership will increase the likelihood of being accepted to a competitive university. When CCA started, we spoke directly with a broad range of universities (Stanford, Cal Tech, Harvard, Yale, Georgetown, Duke, UC, CSU, etc.) regarding their impression of NHS and CSF. In all cases, admissions representatives emphatically agreed that being a member of NHS and/or CSF does not increase a student's likelihood of being accepted to any university. The reason membership in either NHS or CSF does not increase a student's chances of acceptance to any university is because all of the information that a student would use to qualify for NHS or CSF should already be included on his or her transcript and college application. Based on this valuable feedback, CCA decided not to participate in either NHS or CSF.

In general, colleges do not make "school-to-school" comparisons for admission decisions. This means that a CCA student is compared only against his or her grade-level class at CCA and the curriculum and organizations on our campus, not against students who may participate in NHS or CSF at other schools. Because CCA does not participate in NHS or CSF, NO student is a member, and there is absolutely no disadvantage when they apply to any colleges.