Letters of Recommendation, School Reports & Evaluations

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If a letter of recommendation or any school report or evaluation form from a teacher and/or counselor is required for college applications or scholarships, please follow all of these steps:
  1. Request in person and allow at least 3 weeks. The deadline to request a letter of recommendation or evaluation for fall is Friday, Sept. 30 for early admission (any October and/or Nov. 1) deadlines and Monday, October 31 for regular admission deadlines. The process will be thoroughly explained in the 12th Grade Presentation in Sept.
  2. Complete a Brag Packet  and add your counselor/teacher(s) under letters of recommendation.
  3. To each writer, submit a completed paper CCA FERPA.  No information can be released without a signed FERPA on file. You will also include any required paper forms with stamped, addressed envelopes (no return address) for non-Common Application colleges or scholarships that are not electronically submitted.

Please keep in mind that UCs, CSUs, and many other colleges do not require or accept letters of recommendation. Before you ask for a letter, please make sure to confirm whether the colleges to which you will apply do require letters of recommendation.

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Students may request letters of recommendation or evaluation forms or school reports for applications, scholarships, jobs, internships and other programs. To request a letter of recommendation or completion of any report, form or evaluation, a student will need to:
  1. Personally ask the staff member (teacher, coach, counselor, etc.) whether s/he will write a letter of recommendation or complete the form at least three weeks in advance of a deadline.
  2. Complete a CCA FERPA agreement.  This form will be available soon.  The student and a parent/guardian must read and sign the CCA FERPA document and return it directly to the person who will write the letter or complete the form.  No information about a student can be released unless a CCA FERPA is provided.