Visual & Performing Arts Course Profiles

To graduate from CCA, all students must earn a passing grade in ten credits of a fine/visual art or a performing art.  To apply to most four-year colleges, students must earn at least a "C" or higher in an approved visual or performing art.  Students may take as many visual or performing arts as their schedule will allow, but prerequisites and department recommendations must be followed.
To help you make the most informed decision, refer to this Envision Course Progression before you select a performing or visual art.
To view Course Profiles for all Visual/Performing Arts department courses listed below, please click here.
Visual Arts Course Profiles:
  • Drawing & Design
  • Advanced Drawing
  • Painting
  • Sculpture
  • Advanced Sculpture
  • Fine Art Digital Photography (Eligible for Practical Art)
  • Advanced Digital Photography (Eligible for Practical Art)
  • PHOTO Imaging (Eligible for Practical Art)
  • Digital Art and Design (Eligible for Practical Art)
  • Advanced Digital Art and Design (Eligible for Practical Art)
  • Video Film
  • Advanced Video Film 
  • Digital Media Production (Eligible for Practical Art)
  • Seminar in Art
  • AP Studio Art Drawing
  • AP Studio Art 2-D Design
  • AP Studio Art 3-D Design
  • AP Art History
  • Cinema Lab* (Eligible for Practical Art)
  • Conservatory- Cinema*
  • Conservatory- Visual Arts*
Performing Arts Course Profiles:
  • Acting I
  • Intermediate Acting
  • Advanced Acting
  • Advanced Drama Honors
  • Musical Theater Production
  • Advanced Musical Theater Production
  • Symphonic Band
  • Orchestra
  • Chamber Orchestra*
  • Chorus
  • Advanced Chorus*
  • Wind Ensemble*
  • Jazz Band*
  • Dance (Level 1, includes Health) (Eligible as PE credit)
  • Intro to Dance II (Level 2) (Eligible as PE credit)
  • Intermediate Dance (Level 3)* (Eligible as PE credit)
  • Advanced Dance (Level 4)* (Eligible as PE credit)
  • Dance Choreography & Performance* (Eligible as PE credit)
  • Conservatory - Dance*
  • Conservatory - Instrumental Music*
  • Conservatory - Theater*
  • Conservatory - Vocal Music*
*Audition/Application only (please visit Audition/Application Only page for more information)