Practical Arts Course Profiles

To graduate from CCA, all students must earn a passing grade in ten credits of a Practical Art course.  

View the Envision Course Progression and Career Technical Education Progression and the Which Computer Class Should I Take? document which has placement information for the computer science classes.
Some of our courses will give you credit at Mira Costa Community College! Please review the FAQs for more information on this.
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Practical Art Course Profiles:
  •  Speech & Debate
  •  Journalism
  •  Advanced Journalism
  •  Yearbook (year-long or fall only course)*

  •  Fine Art Digital Photography (Eligible as a Visual/Performing Art)
  •  PHOTO Imaging (Eligible as a Visual/Performing Art)
  •  Digital Art & Design (Eligible as a Visual/Performing Art)
  •  Advanced Digital Art & Design (Eligible as a Visual/Performing Art)
  •  Digital Media Production (Eligible as a Visual/Performing Art)

  • Digital Composition 
  • Recording Arts
  • Advanced Recording Arts
  • Stagehand Technician
  • Rock Band/Music Industry*

  • Intro to Business
  • Advanced Business Management
  • Marketing Principles
  • Business Math

  • Research Methods (QUEST Tier 1)

  • Exploring Computer Science 
  • Computer Game Design
  • Intro to Engineering Techniques  
  • Advanced Engineering & Technology
  • Digital Electronics  
  • Robotics and Engineering Technology
  • AP Computer Science Principles 
  • AP Computer Science A  

  • Work Experience
  • Internship
  • ASB*
 *Audition/Application ONLY (please visit Audition/Application Only page for more information)