Math Course Profiles

To graduate from CCA, all students must earn a passing grade in 30 credits of math and pass Integrated Math 1.  Algebra 1 or Integrated Math 1 or higher math course taken in middle school will satisfy the requirement but no high school credit will be granted for courses taken at the middle school.
To apply to most four-year colleges, students must earn a "C" or higher in Integrated Math 1, Integrated Math 2 and Integrated Math 3.  An additional math may be recommended or required.  Middle school course(s) may be used to satisfy college entrance requirements.  Students may take as many math courses as their schedule will allow, but prerequisites and department recommendations should be followed.
 To see an overview of all math coursework, review the SDUHSD Math Pathways and read the course profiles carefully.  
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Math Courses:
  • Integrated Math 1 Readiness
  • Integrated Math 1
  • Integrated Math 1 Honors
  • Integrated Math 1/2 Essentials
  • Integrated Math 2
  • Integrated Math 2 Honors
  • Integrated Math 3
  • Integrated Math 3 Honors
  • Business Math
  • Statistics
  • Statistical Reasoning in Sports
  • AP Statistics
  • Advanced Math for Decision Making
  • Introduction to Calculus
  • AP Calculus AB
  • AP Calculus BC
  • Calculus III (quarter-length class) 
  • Linear Algebra (quarter-length class)
  • Advanced Topics in Math
Not sure if you should take college-prep or Honors/AP?  Read the course descriptions carefully.