English/Language Arts Course Profiles

To graduate from CCA, all students must earn a passing grade of D or higher in English 9 or 9 Honors, English 10 or 10 Honors, English 11 or AP English Language and English 12 or AP English Literature.  To apply to most four-year colleges, students must earn a C grade or higher in these courses.
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English Courses:
  • English 9
  • English 9 Honors
  • English 10
  • English 10 Honors
  • English 11
  • AP English Language & Composition
  • English 12
  • AP English Literature
English Electives:
  • College Application Seminar
  • Creative Writing
  • Modern Epic
  • Journalism (Eligible as a Practical Art)
  • Advanced Journalism (Eligible as a Practical Art)
  • Speech and Debate (Eligible as a Practical Art)
  • Yearbook  (Eligible as a Practical Art)
Not sure if you should take college-prep or Honors/AP?  Read the course descriptions carefully.