Community Service & Extra-Curricular Activities

CCA does not require community service hours for graduation.  Students are encouraged to include any community service experience in their résumé. 

Do Colleges Care About Community Service or Extracurriculars?   Yes!  However, they do not recommend that any applicant participate in an activity simply because "it looks good" on an application.  For a successful experience, CCA recommends that students participate in extracurricular activities based on personal interests and abilities.  Students should participate in an activity because they want to and enjoy the time spent doing it.  Although a college may describe what it seeks in terms of extracurricular activities, there is a recurring theme.   Read some of the excerpts below:
Stanford: "In addition to academic excellence and intellectual vitality, we are interested in students who have made significant contributions to the life of their school or community. We do not favor one type of activity over another; nor is it necessary to participate in a large number of activities. An exceptional experience in one or two activities demonstrates your passion more than minimal participation in five or six clubs. We want to see the impact your participation has had on that club, in your school, or in the larger community. With extracurricular activities, a sustained depth of commitment is more important than a long list of clubs you have joined. Learning about your extracurricular activities and nonacademic interests helps us to discover your potential contributions to Stanford's residential community. Students often assume that our primary concern is the number of activities in which you participate. In fact, an exceptional depth of experience in one or two activities may demonstrate your passion more than minimal participation in five or six clubs. We want to see the impact you have had on that club, in your school, or in the larger community, and we also want to learn of the impact that experience has had on you. In some cases, exceptional abilities in athletics or the fine arts may influence our decision if the applicant is otherwise well qualified, but such abilities never, by themselves, ensure admission to Stanford."
Princeton: "In addition to academic qualifications, we are interested in the talents and interests you would bring to Princeton outside the classroom. We don't value one type of activity over another. Rather, we appreciate sustained commitment to the interests you have chosen to pursue. Some of the students we admit have one well-honed talent; others have participated in a range of activities. We take particular note of leadership and exceptional talents or accomplishments."
Yale: "Keep in mind that for purposes of college admissions, "more" isn't necessarily "better." Students who present extremely long resumes without an indication of what is really important to them run the risk of diluting their activities. Focus on those activities that are most significant to you."