CTE Courses

To graduate from CCA, all students must earn a passing grade in ten credits of a Practical Art course.
The CTE courses fit into the Practical Art category. 
  • Intro to Business
  • Advanced Business Management
  • Marketing Principles
  • Business Math
Computer Science & Engineering (Course Profiles)
 Which Computer Class Should I Take? - Placement information   
  •  Exploring Computer Science 
  •  Computer Game Design
  •  Intro to Engineering Techniques  
  •  Advanced Engineering & Technology 
  •  Digital Electronics   
  •  AP Computer Science Principles 
  •  AP Computer Science A 
Performing & Fine Arts/Practical Arts
  •  Fine Art Digital Photography 
  •  PHOTO Imaging
  •  Digital Art & Design (formerly Imaging)
  •  Advanced Digital Art & Design (formerly Advanced Imaging)
  •  Digital Media Production
  •  Digital Composition
  •  Recording Arts
  •  Advanced Recording Arts
  •  Rock Band/Music Industry*
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