12th Grade

For your planning, the Counseling Department will offer 12th Grade Student Presentations during 2nd period on 9/18 and 9/20/2018, along with a corresponding 12th Grade Parent Presentation on 9/20/2018 at 6:00pm. These presentations will provide essential details and important information to help 12th grade students and their parents navigate the college application process. Counselors will review college application requirements, discuss how to finalize your college list (using several college search tools), explain the process for electronic Common App submission, how to apply to CSU, UC and private & out-of-state schools, how to request Secondary School Reports, Letters of Recommendation and Transcripts, and provide valuable resources, tips and advice for college bound seniors.
 Upcoming Events:
 9/25/2018 Financial Aid Night    6:00 pm- 7:00 pm    Proscenium Theater
 10/3/2018 (Late Start)     UC & CSU Application Workshops   8:00 am-9:20 am     Proscenium Theater/CC&C Center
 10/17/2018 (Late Start)   Common Application Workshops     8:00 am- 9:20 am    Proscenium Theater/CC&C Center
02/06/2019 (Late Start)  MiraCosta College Application and Assessment Workshop, Time: 8:00 am-9:20 am Location: Learning Commons Annex Classroom
03/13/2019 (Late Start)   MiraCosta College Orientation and First Semester Planning Workshop, Time: 8:00 am-9:20 am Location: Learning Commons Annex Classroom
NOTE:  We strongly recommend that you do not submit any application materials until you attend the presentations to have your questions answered and to assure that your application is accurate. Once an application is submitted, it cannot be edited.

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College Application Resources and Guidance
College Search Tools

Letters of Recommendation, School Reports & Evaluations

If a letter of recommendation, school report or evaluation form from a teacher and/or counselor is required for college applications or scholarships, please follow these steps:

  1. Always request a recommendation and/or evaluation in person FIRST. You must get confirmation that your recommender(s) agree to provide a letter of rec and/or evaluation on your behalf before sending and/or turning in any required documents, or requesting them to be a recommender electronically. The deadline to request a letter of recommendation or evaluation for Early Admission deadlines (any dates in October and/or Nov.) is Friday, Sept. 28. For Regular Admission deadlines, the last day to make a request is Wednesday, November 7.The process will be thoroughly explained in the 12th Grade Presentations held on 9/18 and 9/20.
  2. Review the FERPA Checklist to ensure you complete each step in this process correctly, and complete the form  before turning in any additional materials. 
  3. Complete the Brag Packet and submit it to your recommenders via email with your name in the subject line.
  4. Submit a completed hard copy FERPA form that includes your final list of colleges (with deadlines) for which your are requesting a letter of recommendation or evaluation to each recommender. Note: No information can be released without a signed FERPA on file. *You will also include any required paper forms with stamped, addressed envelopes (no return address) for non-Common Application colleges or scholarships that are not electronically submitted.

Please keep in mind that UCs, CSUs, and many other colleges do not require or accept letters of recommendation. Before you ask for a letter, please make sure to confirm whether the colleges to which you will apply do require letters of recommendation.

For 12th grade information not related to Counseling, visit the Senior page.