Attendance PoliciesTop of Page

  1. If your child is going to be late, a parent or legal guardian must send a signed note or call attendance office at (858) 350-0253. Please press #1 and wait for prompts.
  2. All students arriving late to campus must stop at the Attendance Window to check in. Arriving more than 30 minutes late without a note or parent/legal guardian phone call constitutes truancy. Students who have not cleared their absences will be given a re-admit marked unexcused.
  3. Student will remain on campus during the school day unless they have an off-campus pass. Off-campus passes (OCP) must be requested 24 hours in advance. The OCP must be issued prior to the student leaving campus by the attendance office. The OCP will not be delivered to the student in the classroom.
  4. Absences must be cleared through the attendance office by email (CCAAttendance@SDUHSD.NET), phone or note from a parent or legal guardian within 48 hours of the absence
  5. Students who are regularly absent or habitually truant will be referred to the Assistant Principals Office. This process may include a referral to the School Attendance Review Board (SARB) and the development of an attendance contract.
  6. Students will not leave class during the period without a pass/ teacher permission
  7. Students in Video Film, Leadership, Yearbook, Journalism, teacher or office aide must have a pass or badge identifying themselves at all times.
  8. Students will carry their CCA ID cards during the school day and at all school sponsored events and activities
  9. Students who are out 3 or more days due to illness will need to provide a doctor's note to the attendance office.


For further tips for parents from the District's website, click here!

TardiesTop of Page

Students must be in class when the final bell rings or they are considered tardy. To excuse a
tardy, either a READMIT slip from the Attendance office if the student is arriving late to school,
or a written pass from a staff member or an administrator will allow for the excuse. Tardies
must be excused by the parent/legal guardian if the student is under 18. The student may bring
a signed note or the parent/legal guardian may call/email the Attendance office. Arriving more
than 30 minutes late without a written note or phone call or email constitutes a truancy. Tardies
must be cleared on the same day as the event.
Consequences for Tardies:
1st offense - Verbal Warning
2nd offense - Teacher contacts parent
3rd offense - Teacher may assign a detention/hold parent meeting
4th offense - Teacher refers student to the alpha Assistant Principal for Saturday school
Attendance Code key for Tardies:
J - Excused Tardy < 30 minutes
D - Unexcused Tardy < 30 minutes
K - Excused Tardy > 30 minutes
G - Unexcused Tardy > 30 minutes
T - student arrived Tardy to class without checking in

Off-Campus PassTop of Page

Please email attendance ( or call 24 hours in advance. Students may also bring a note before school begins on the day of the Early Release. Messages must include Student's Full NameStudent IDDate of early releaseTime student should be dismissed from class and Reason for early release (if no reason is provided we automatically mark as Personal). Students must pick up the pass between periods or during lunch. Off Campus Passes are not delivered to students. 

Make-Up WorkTop of Page

Make-up work may not be given to a student who has truancies, un-cleared absences or suspension. Timeline for make-up work for excused and personal absences (verified by parent) will be left to the discretion of the teacher. Please e-mail the teacher directly for make-up homework assignments.

MessagesTop of Page

Messages are not delivered to students. Canyon Crest Academy believes delivering messages is disruptive to the classroom learning environment. In the event of a real emergency, a student will be allowed to leave the classroom in order to contact a parent.

Saturday SchoolTop of Page

Students that have been assigned Saturday School must be on time, bring IDs and bring schoolwork or reading material. Students who fail to show will receive further disciplinary action.