Welcome to the CCA Counseling page.  We are here to assist all CCA students.  Please use the Alphabetical Counseling Index, FAQ section and specific grade level pages to find answers to most common questions.

Spring Term Class Schedules

Students selected year-long class schedules for 2016-2017 and spring term classes are visible in the Aeries portal under Classes. Please note, the spring master schedule is in process and there may still be changes to periods, rooms and teachers until the class schedules are finalized Jan. 31.
 January 17- 20, 2017 there will be a course change request window and students may request necessary class changes in advance of the spring term by completing the Course Change Request form and following all of the listed steps. During this time, students may request to:
  • Repeat classes that a student has not passed

  • Add an academic intervention class

  • Level change between College Prep. and Honors/Advanced Placement

  • Add a class to meet graduation requirements or for college eligibility requirements

  • Drop a class for a free period

  • Switch electives within the same period; very limited availability due to master schedule.


All requests are based on SDUHSD Course Selection Guidelines as outlined on the Course Selection Contract and on space available. Counselors are not able to address spring course change requests via email or phone or outside of the course request window. There will be no elective changes after the start of the term. All other course change requests can be addressed during the two-week add/drop period.


Spring Term Add/Drop Key Dates:

  • 3rd Quarter - Students may add/drop a class with no mark by February 15, 2017 and with a Withdraw (W) by Friday, March 17.

  • 4th Quarter - Students may add/drop a class with no mark by May 1, 2017 and with a Withdraw (W) by Thursday, May 25.

Aeries Portal

The Aeries student information system contains student grades, assignments, teacher contacts, attendance, transcripts and graduation status. Use Aeries regularly to monitor classroom performance and address any potential problems before progress reports and final grades each quarter. Parents can update their own email addresses in the Aeries parent portal to continue to receive all notices and information from SDUHSD.


The Counseling Department delivers important grade-level information via Naviance, a comprehensive database that allows students and parents to remain informed about college & career options as they navigate the high school process. Students register with their student ID number and parents register with the student ID plus P (e.g.123456P). Be sure to provide a valid, current e-mail address to receive important information from the Counseling Department.

CCA Counseling Department

Student Services office hours are 7:30 am - 3:30 pm on regular school days.  Please call to confirm office hours during non-student days.
Counseling Secretary Nancy Benbow
Ashley Bahner  Student Last Names  A - C 
Layne DeLorme
 Student Last Names  D - H
Holly Austin
 Student Last Names  I - ME
Melissa Sage  Student Last Names MI - SG
Sarah Djernes  Student Last Names SH - Z