Welcome to the CCA Counseling page.  We are here to assist all CCA students.  Please use the Alphabetical Counseling Index, FAQ section and specific grade level pages to find answers to most common questions.

2017-2018 Returning Student Course Selection

All current CCA students in grades 9-11 will attend a grade-level Course Selection Presentation on 3/7 or 3/8 and receive a Course Selection Contract to review, complete, and return to the Counseling Office.


To assist your student with course selection, please visit the Returning Student Course Selection page and read the Course Contract to review the step-by-step instructions and the SDUHSD Course Selection Guidelines. There are links to required courses for graduation and college eligibility, course profiles, and sample four-year plans. Please use all of these resources to assist your student in making thoughtful, informed choices.  Remember that the courses selected will determine the year-long 2017-2018 class schedule

Please note: Please note: The online Aeries Course Selection window will be open 3/7/2017-3/20/2017. The paper Course Selection Contracts* are due to the Counseling Office no later than Monday, March 20 at 3:00 pm. In order to select courses online in Aeries, students must log in through the PARENT Aeries account.  If you need help logging into Aeries, please contact Ms. Briann Hailey in the Administration Building.

Aeries Portal

The Aeries student information system contains student grades, assignments, teacher contacts, attendance, transcripts and graduation status. Use Aeries regularly to monitor classroom performance and address any potential problems before progress reports and final grades each quarter. Parents can update their own email addresses in the Aeries parent portal to continue to receive all notices and information from SDUHSD.


The Counseling Department delivers important grade-level information via Naviance, a comprehensive database that allows students and parents to remain informed about college & career options as they navigate the high school process. Students register with their student ID number and parents register with the student ID plus P (e.g.123456P). Be sure to provide a valid, current e-mail address to receive important information from the Counseling Department.

CCA Counseling Department

Student Services office hours are 7:30 am - 3:30 pm on regular school days.  Please call to confirm office hours during non-student days.
Counseling Secretary Nancy Benbow
Ashley Bahner        Student Last Names  A - C 
Layne DeLorme
 Student Last Names  D - H
Holly Austin
 Student Last Names  I - ME
April Maniscalco  Student Last Names MI - SG
Sarah Djernes  Student Last Names SH - Z