Returning Student Course Selection

2017-2018 Course Selection for returning grade 9-11 students will begin on March 7 & 8 with grade-level presentations periods 1-3. Students will receive a Course Selection Contract to review and complete with parents and return to the Counseling Office before Monday, March 20.

Course Selection Instructions
Follow each step below to select your classes and to set up a successful schedule for next year.  Use the RED links to access additional information.
You received a grade-level Course Selection Contract at the Course Selection Presentation
    1.  Before you fill out the Course Selection Contract, read it carefully!  It is called a contract because your signature indicates that you and your parent/guardian understand the district Course Selection Guidelines. You are selecting a schedule for the entire 2017-2018 school year. 

    2.  On the back of the Course Selection Contract, review the Course List that corresponds with the grade you will enter in 2017-2018. 
    • To determine which classes you need to graduate, log in to your Aeries account and review the Graduation Status tab.
    • To determine which classes you need for college eligibility, refer to the college requirements and sample schedules. 
    3.  Before selecting courses, review the Course Profiles and pay close attention to prerequisites and homework requirements, and read the course description. Understanding the content and the demands of each course will help you make informed selections. 
      4.  Write your selections in the spaces provided on your contract, including TWO ALTERNATES for every elective you choose!  Select electives that you are genuinely interested in taking.  Use pencil when filling out the Contract so that you can make changes, if necessary. Make sure that you and your parent or guardian sign your Course Selection Contract and that all signatures are in ink. 

      5.  Between March 7-March 20, you and your parent/guardian must log in to the Aeries PARENT Portal and select your courses online.

      6.  Using your Course Selection Contract enter your selections.  Be sure to indicate your first-choice alternates for each elective you have chosen.  After you have followed all of the steps, if you need to discuss your course selections with your counselor, check the box on your contract.  There will be an opportunity to review, answer questions and revise your schedule, if necessary. 

      7.  After you submit your course selections in Aeries online, you must turn in your completed contract to the Counseling Secretary during Counseling walk-in periods, before or after school or at lunch, before the March 20 @ 3pm deadline. The secretary will check that you have filled out the contract completely and correctly, and that you have selected your courses online.

      Counselors can only meet with you to review your requests and make revisions, if necessary, AFTER online courses are selected and the completed contract is turned in. To schedule a meeting with the counselor please check the box at the bottom of the Course Selection Form. Please write "With parent" if you want a parent to attend the meeting.