Off Campus Courses

Students may choose to take additional coursework off campus to supplement their CCA courses, to free up class periods for other pursuits, or to improve their GPA.  If you are considering taking a course off campus, including at a community college, please read the following carefully:
  • SDUHSD Board Policy allows 30 credits of non-district coursework from institutions that are WASC or otherwise regionally accredited to be posted to the high school transcript. It is the student's responsibility to research courses and assure that the institution is appropriately accredited.
  • SDUHSD will not accept the following online coursework for credit; online visual and performing art courses, online physical education courses, or online lab science courses.
  • For any course not required for high school graduation, a student may choose not to post off campus coursework to the CCA transcript and may submit outside transcripts directly to colleges at the time of application
  • Off campus college or honors courses do not receive weighted grade credit on SDUHSD transcripts; only College Board Advanced Placement courses will be weighted on the high school transcript. 
  • Based on its admission practices, a college may accept off campus or online courses, or count certain off campus courses as weighted in the student's GPA calculated for college admission.  Off campus college courses may also be accepted as transferable credits.  Students should check with specific colleges for their policies.
  • A single (3 unit) college course is equal to a 5 credit high school course on the SDUHSD transcript. 
  • Not all off-campus courses satisfy graduation or college entrance requirements. CCA cannot confirm whether an off campus course is comprehensive, aligned with our curriculum or if it will adequately prepare a student for the next level course at CCA or standardized tests.  We cannot recommend any specific off campus program and it is SDUHSD policy not to proctor outside exams. 
  • Coursework transferred to a student's transcript remains there permanently.  Once it is added, it cannot be removed.  
  • Off campus courses cannot be counted as part of the student's daily attendance.

If you want an off campus course to be posted on your CCA transcript, please follow all of these steps:
  • Speak with your counselor to discuss your reason for taking an off-campus course and to determine if the course will meet requirements. 
  • Submit an SDUHSD Off Campus Course Permission Form (OR a Health-Only Off Campus Course Permission Form for completing a Health class ONLY) prior to starting the course.  It needs to be filled out completely, including all applicable signatures (student, parent, counselor and registrar).
  • When you finish the course, you must have an official transcript from the institution where you took the course sent directly to the CCA Registrar.  CCA can only accept official transcripts and only the Registrar can post credits and grades. Off campus transcripts must be received by May to be posted to that year's transcript in June.

Community College Forms

To enroll in a community college course, K-12 students also need a specific form for students who are minors.  Click on the links below to locate these Concurrent Enrollment forms for local schools.   For MiraCosta OR Palomar, your COUNSELOR may sign as the designee (the principal's signature is not required).  For San Diego City Colleges, you need to have the Principal or Assistant Principal sign your form and the registrar stamp it.