12th Grade

For your planning, counselors will offer Presentations and Application Workshops to help you navigate the college application process. We will cover how to finalize your college list using several college search tools, electronic Common App submission, applying to CSU, UC and private & out-of-state schools, as well as how to request Secondary School Reports, Teacher Evaluations, Letters of Recommendation and Transcripts.
NOTE:  We strongly recommend that you do not submit any application materials until you attend the presentations to have your questions answered and to assure that your application is accurate. Once an application is submitted, it cannot be edited.

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In order to facilitate your success in 12th grade, please be sure to follow these important guidelines:
  • Pay close attention to the 12th Grade Counseling Calendar.  If you follow it, you should not miss any important events.
  • Attend your grade-level presentation and then review it again afterwards. It never hurts to see & review instructions, pertinent information and valuable guidance more than once. There is also always an opportunity to ask questions. 
  • Use the many college application resources provided by the Counseling Dept. to make sure that you are completing all the necessary steps and entering the correct information for CCA and our courses and schedule. 
  • Listen to the Daily Bulletin in your period 2 class and read the bi-weekly Counseling, College & Career Newsletter.
  • Come in to Counseling during daily walk-in periods - before or after school or at lunch - with any questions
 For 12th grade information not related to Counseling, visit the Senior page.