Vision & Mission

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Canyon Crest Academy is a learning community based on the values of shared responsibility and mutual respect among teachers, staff, parents and students. Canyon Crest Academy commits to providing positive, meaningful and rigorous learning experiences that promote the intellectual, social, physical and creative development of students. The curriculum responds to evolving student interests and includes specialized and in-depth studies. Students are supported in taking intellectual and creative risks as they engage in their studies. Canyon Crest Academy honors diversity of thought and culture, while being united in its mission. Graduates of Canyon Crest Academy experience a personal connection to the curriculum that enables them to be confident, life-long learners.

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Canyon Crest Academy, a professional learning community, challenges and inspires students to discover their passions and pursue their goals throughout high school and beyond.

Core ValuesTop of Page

 Achievement  Action  Boldness
We aspire to the highest level of excellence in teaching, learning, behavior and service. We thoroughly discuss issues and concerns with appropriate parties and then take action after careful planning. We believe that taking risks encourages growth and new discovery.
 Collaboration  Focus
We believe regular and collegial discussions maximize our individual and team expertise and are an essential element to planning and delivering curriculum and programs. We are committed to in depth inquiries in the arts and technology. We believe that the arts and technology enhance human interactions, communication, instruction in all disciplines, critical thinking and student achievement. We believe that members of our learning community should treat one another with courtesy, care and concern for their interests and issues.
 Community  Commitment  Curricular Integration
We reach beyond the classroom walls to seek out and engage parents, the business community and non-profit organizations to pursue mutually beneficial relationships and interactions. Students are engaged in civic life. We keep our promises and adhere to agreed upon organizational norms, as well as share the responsibility for our work. We believe there are powerful connections among disciplines. We actively seek opportunities to design and deliver lessons which integrate content. We are committed to academics, the arts and athletics sharing equal status and importance.